[an error occurred while processing this directive] Joey Buchanan is the biological son of Victoria Lord and Joe Riley, but was later adopted by Clint Buchanan after Joe Riley's death.
As a teenager, Joey traveled to Italy to study abroad and returned to Llanview in 1994. During that summer, Joey was seduced by and entered into an affair with his mother's arch-enemy, Dorian Lord. Dorian had been set on using her relationship with Joey to hurt Viki, and both Dorian and "her Joe" were surprised when they developed genuine feelings for each other. The affair, however, was short-lived when one of Viki's alters forced Dorian to end her romance with Joey in 1995.
While living at the carriage house with his brother, Kevin, Joey began a relationship with Dorian's young niece, Kelly Cramer. What started out as friendship eventually blossomed into romance and Joey always had a strong shoulder for Kelly to lean on. Joey even saved Kelly's life after she had been held hostage on a yacht by David Vickers and had accidentally set the room on fire.
Joey and Kelly enjoyed being in love and they planned to spend a year studying in Paris together. As the time for their departure grew nearer, however, Kelly kept finding excuses to postpone her trip -- excuses that were mainly the result of her Aunt Dorian's selfish manipulations. In the end, Joey went to Paris alone and Kelly remained in Llanview.
Although Joey and Kelly tried to have a long-distance relationship, it just didn't work out. Thanks to Joey's cousin Drew, a wedge was soon driven between them. Kelly was devastated on the day that she received Joey's letter telling her their relationship was over.
Joey returned to Llanview in 1997 and apologized to Kelly for the way he had broken up with her. Joey then started out trying to win Kelly back, as he realized that he still loved her greatly. Kelly resisted Joey's efforts, but soon accepted his friendship. Joey is still hoping for more with Kelly, but she remains torn about whether or not to try and recapture the love they shared.

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